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Consistent with first world trends, Padenga has embraced the use of technology in furthering its operations and refining its management systems and these continue to give the company a competitive edge within the industry. This initiative has accelerated since the listing of Padenga in 2010, and a significant portion of the annual development budget has been committed to the introduction of technology directed at improving efficiencies, achieving effective data capture, storage, interrogation and reporting, and automating critical control systems and processes. Bespoke software systems are geared towards enhancing efficiency across all operational and administrative activities, with the aim of maximising performance as well as achieving savings in time, effort and cost.

A key factor in achieving these goals has been the development of customised Business Intelligence tools, thereby transforming Padenga into a knowledge-based organisation that not only allows for more accurate prediction and modelling of the outcome of specific operational scenarios, but also facilitates a quicker response to economic, climatic, and related issues that could negatively impact the company’s performance. Pen-side capturing of operational information on tablet computers provides real-time data to management and is being used to establish dash-board indicators that highlight immediately where variances exist against predicted targets, allowing for immediate response and correction.