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Padenga Holdings Limited owns and manages two operating units. The Gold Mining unit and the Crocodile Farming unit.

As the world economies are buffering one way or another, this unusual combination of premium export products achieves a strategic balance to offset supply and demand variances that will enable Padenga Holdings Limited to offer a refreshingly consistent set of positive financial results.

Crocodile laying on gold bars in water

Our Mission

To be Zimbabwe’s leading gold mining company, creating value for our people now and in generations to come.

To be the principal and preferred supplier

of premium grade crocodilian skins to the

luxury brand houses of the world.

Core Values

Padenga operates
with foresight

Foresight includes careful planning, innovation and upgrades to the most appropriate industry systems
and methodologies. 

Padenga operates
with insight

Insight includes developing a performance related culture based on integrity, team spirit, mutual respect and fairness.

Padenga operates
with oversight

Oversight includes strong governance, discipline and controls to ensure positive results and shareholder value.


Balancing the interests of all stakeholders continues to be a significant focus for Padenga. As such, Padenga continues to monitor and evaluate best practices critical for the sustainability and governance of the Company.


Our corporate governance values ensure that we observe principles and ethical practices guided by international best practices. Through adherence to these principles, the Board and management is able to carry out their responsibilities effectively, faithfully and in the best interests of the shareholders and stake-holders.

Holding hands in teamwork
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