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Dallaglio is committed to ensuring that its operations are sustainable by reducing its impact on the environment and people; specifically recognising its responsibility in sustainably extracting finite resources from the Earth.


Dallaglio is committed to a Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct based on the principles laid down in the National Code on Corporate Governance Zimbabwe (ZIMCODE).


The Directors are dedicated to conduct the affairs of the Company within the principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability to best serve the interests of shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders. This process gives the Company’s shareholders the assurance that whilst protecting and adding value to its financial and human resource investments, the Company is being managed ethically and with the appropriate attention to risk management in accordance with best inter- national practice.

Dallaglio Investments Private Limited. Person standing at mine
Dallaglio Investments Private Limited. Person working at mine

Dallaglio has policies in place and regularly updates appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are mandatory and part of the institutional framework, guided and overseen by the Company’s executive management team and implemented by its operational management structures.


In order to integrate and mainstream policy implementation in all departments, the post of Shared Services Manager has been created at each mine.


Dallaglio is in the process of implementing an integrated Quality/Occupational Health & Safety (OSH)/ Environmental Management system to measure and continuously improve in these key aspects.


Dallaglio is currently working towards being certified for the International Management System Standards (MSS) of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management). Certification is aimed to be achieved across the Company by the end of 2024.


Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations is a fundamental duty of any organisation to be socially responsible. The essential characteristics of social responsibility is the willingness of an organisation to incorporate social and environmental considerations in its decision making and to be accountable for the impacts these may have on society and the environment.


Dallaglio is a key employer in the local communities surrounding both mines.

With mining being a labour-intensive job, the majority of employees are men although many women are employed at both mines.


Employee health and safety is critical to Dallaglio. The Company’s Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Policy has been implemented at both mines and refresher training has been given. Dallaglio has also implemented the following:


• Regular planned Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) visits by management to workplaces, creating a platform for both management and employees to discuss daily safety challenges of the tasks at hand.

• Planned Task Observation (PTO) training as an extra safety precaution.

• Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) in Safety, a process which assists identifying risks which are not within acceptable limits.

• A Fatal Risk Elimination approach to Safety Management was introduced at the Company in the final quarter of 2022. Training has been conducted and implementation is currently underway.


Dallaglio has been providing its employees with access to medical facilities on the mines

through Providence Health Mobile Clinics at both Pickstone Peerless and Eureka Mines.

Dallaglio Investments Private Limited staff


With gold mining having a significant impact on the environment, during 2022, Dallaglio continued to adhere to the Environmental Management Act of Zimbabwe, Chapter 20:27 and accompanying regulations as shown by the granting of the licences based on the Environmental Management (Effluent and Solid Waste) Disposal Regulations Statutory Instrument number 6 of 2007 environmental discharge bands.


Each quarter, Dallaglio arranges for the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to carry out site inspections to ensure compliance with the specific licences granted for the different aspects of its operation.

Dallaglio Investments Private Limited tailing dams


Managing the tailing dams is a critical element of Dallaglio’s operations. Procedures are in place to ensure the tailings storage facilities (TSFs) are able to cope with extreme rainfall events without risking potential cyanide containing effluent egress into the natural water systems. Environmental monitoring boreholes for both control and plume analysis from the TSFs have been installed. The newer tailings storage facilities are lined according to national legislation to minimise the risk of cyanide leaching to underground water. The old, inherited TSFs that are not lined, are due for decommissioning in 2023.



Through its Corporate Social Investment Responsibility (CSIR) Policy and Plan, Dallaglio is committed to supporting initiatives that measurably improve lives and the sustainability of the environment that the Company operates in.

Dallaglio’s CSIR program aims to:


  • Reduce poverty

  • Increase education

  • Promote gender equality and empowerment of women

  • Improve general health and well-being

  • Promote environmental sustainability


Some practical examples of this include solar powered boreholes at schools and villages, textbooks for primary and secondary schools, renovation of clinics and the donation of HIV/AIDS test kits.

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