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Dallaglio Investments develops and operates commercial scale Zimbabwean gold mines and is one of the top three gold producers in the country. Our founding shareholders were guided by the principle that mines are not found, they are built.



For smooth operations

Dallaglio’s business strategy is to grow gold production organically whilst lowering the all-in sustaining cost per ounce from the mining properties already held by the Group.


Dallaglio acquired its first mine, Pickstone Peerless near Chegutu, in 2014.


Dallaglio also operates Cordillera, a custom operation which provides milling services to artisanal miners in the Chegutu area within the vicinity of Pickstone Peerless Mine.


Dallaglio acquired Eureka Mine in 2018.

Dallaglio Mine at night


Dallaglio staff at Pickstone mine with large truck

For drilling, blasting, loading and hauling

Dallaglio conducts its open pit mining operations through outsourced services.

Dallaglio Eureka open pit mine and truck


For increased volumes

Dallaglio recommissioned Eureka Mine in 2021 after refurbishing the plant. Eureka operates a Gold Processing plant utilising Gravity concentration and Carbon in Leach  (CIL) technology to produce gold bullion which is then sold to the Refinery (Fidelity Gold Refinery)

Dallaglio Eureka mine at dusk
Dallaglio mine building infrastructure


Dallaglio underground mine with staff

For better returns

Dallaglio employs over 1,000 people and this workforce is set to increase to 1,400 by the end of 2023 following the commissioning of the underground operation at Pickstone Peerless. This underground mining operation due to open in Q3 2023 will be owner mined. 

staff working in Dallaglio underground mine


For compliance

Dallaglio is working towards being compliant with the following laws and regulations set by the industry related organisations and authorities the Company operates within: 

International Legislation

  • International Cyanide Management Code

Zimbabwean Legislation

  • Accident Prevention (Workers Compensation Scheme) Notice - Statutory Instrument 68 (of 1990)

  • Competition Act (Chapter 14:28) as administered by the Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC)

  • Environmental Management Act, Chapter 20:27

  •  Environmental Management (Effluent & Solid Waste Disposal)Regulations, Statutory Instrument No. 6

  • Environmental Management (Control of Hazardous Substances) General Regulations Statutory Instrument No.26 Of 2018

  • Environmental Management (Environmental Impact Assessment & Ecosystems Regulations) Statutory Instrument No. 7 of 2007

  • Explosives Regulations, 1989 (SI72)

  • Factories and Workers Act (Chapter 14:08)

  • Factories and Works (Registration & Control) Regulations, Government Notice 262 of 1976

  • Forest Act Chapter 19:05

  • Labour Act

  • Labour Relations Act 28:01 of 1996 (Revised)

  • Mines and Minerals Act 21:05 of 1996 (Revised)

  • Mining (Health and Sanitation) Regulations, 1990 (SI156)

  • Mining (Management and Safety) Regulations, 1990 (SI 109)

  • NSSA Act of 1989, Chapter 17: 04

  • The Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 21:05) 1996 Revised Edition

  • Pneumoconiosis Act (Chapter 15:08)

  • The Public Health Act, (Chapter 15:09) 1996 Revised Edition

  • Radiation Protection Act, Chapter 15:15

  • The Rural Districts Councils Act, (Chapter 29:13) 1996 Revised Edition

  • The Water Act, (Chapter 20:24) 1998

Aerial open pit mine in Zimbabwe
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