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Dallaglio Mining Operations

Dallaglio Investments is a gold mining company located in Zimbabwe, which develops and operates commercial scale gold mines. Mines are not found. They are built. Our experienced team of mining professionals use cutting-edge technology to extract gold from the earth and process it to the highest standards. We are committed to responsible and sustainable mining practices, and strive to create lasting value for all our stakeholders. With our extensive experience and reliable processes, we are able to produce gold of the highest quality.

Dallaglio Mining equipment and staff


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Padenga Holdings has become 100% shareholder of Dallaglio investments. By refurbishing Eureka and Pickstone mines, the resulting returns have boosted Padenga's results and market stability. 

Dallaglio open pit mine zimbabwe


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Zimbabwe has one of the richest gold ore deposits in Southern Africa and an economy we understand and can thrive in.

Gold smelting


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With a stable or increasing market value and a consistent global demand, gold

offers a good return on investment.



Dallaglio staff overlooking mine

Eureka Mining Operations

At the end of 2021, Eureka Mine, located near Guruve, was brought back into production after its refurbishment. Now fully operational, Eureka Mine is one of the largest and most technologically advanced mines in Zimbabwe. 

Eureka Mine

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Pickstone Mining Operations

In 2015 Dallaglio refurbished Pickstone Peerless Mine, an open pit gold mine located south-east of the town of Chegutu, 120 km south-west of Harare. The latest development is underground mining on site.

Pickstone Mine

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Dallaglio staff in underground mine
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